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Micksticks is a small eco-friendly company. We pride ourselves on working with the natural environment, being carbon-neutral, and on using locally sourced materials wherever possible.

Mick is an expert in traditional wood crafts, and has 10 years full-time experience. Before that, he worked as a Countryside Ranger and forester.

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Customer Testimonial

I met Mick almost fifteen years ago on my fist day as a conservation volunteer at a South Bucks. Country Park, he was a Park Ranger supervising our group of unskilled workers. I was soon aware of his depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for woodland management, particularly coppicing.

Shortly after our first meeting he started Micksticks and was able to devote all his time to his greenwood skills and I have since been privileged to work with him from time to time and thus benefiting from his extensive knowledge.

Whilst the bulk of his work is wattle fencing, he also produces besoms, gate hurdles, tent pegs, oak paling fences, oak framed lath gates and panels, rustic furniture and many other greenwood items, all made with great skill and an eye for detail.

He is also an experienced hedge layer able to lay hedges in the style most suited to their purpose (ie animal enclosure, security barrier, appearance etc.)

During the period that I have known him I have acquired enough knowledge to feel sufficiently confident to buy my own wood and he continues to be my first port of call when I need help and advice. He was able to assist me when I made a pole lathe, a cleaving break, a shave horse and similar articles and Mick has been invaluable for his day to day advice for the management of the wood both for coppice products and to encourage wildlife.

John Whittlesea

Micksticks are available for Craft Shows and demonstrations.

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