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Wattle Fencing

We specialise in building fences in situ, as this makes for a stronger, more attractive fence. Our fences are tailored to the site and to the requirements of the customer.

Wattle fencing provides a strong and attractive fence, but in exposed places it is important that the fence is suitably treated to extend its life. We would recommend clear Cuprinol wood preservative.

Wattle Hurdles

A well made hurdle should have 9 uprights 9 apart. The top 6 - 8 inches made from whole rods of a small diameter, and the remainder, from split rods. It is very important that at least 3 rods per foot go round the end post and back into the hurdle. There should be no nails! And - they should be made in England!

The hurdles you see in many garden centre are from Eastern Europe, and are made from round rods or sawn rods while they are very cheap they are a false economy, as they do not last.

Shown below are sample of our work. Click on the thumbnails to get a full size photo:

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